Welcome to the Sigma Chi Historical Initiative

William P. Fleming, Ph.D. 21st Grand Historian of Sigma Chi

Brothers and Friends of Sigma Chi,

It is a distinct pleasure to welcome you to the Sigma Chi Historical Initiative Website. It has been the ambition of Sigma Chi historians to have a place where Sigma Chis and others could go to view, read, and enjoy the thousands upon thousands of Sigma Chi documents, artifacts, and memorabilia. Under the careful guidance and thoughtful preservation of Brother Noah Phelps, the Sigma Chi Archivist, we have available a myriad of items which recount and illustrate many facets of our grand fraternity.

What is currently available on the website is only the beginning of what will someday be available. To date there have been nearly 15,000 artifacts, including 6,400 documents and over 8,000 pictures, catalogued and preserved. Soon decades and decades of The Magazine of Sigma Chi and other publications of the fraternity will be available for perusal. Your Grand Historian plans to have a newsletter on the site which will give ideas to chapter historians on preserving chapters documents, pictures, composites, and other items of chapter interest.

You are invited to ask questions about our history and learn more about Sigma Chi. This aspect of our historical site will be of great use for undergraduates as well as alumni who are telling others about Sigma Chi. So, on behalf of Sigma Chi Fraternity and the Sigma Chi Foundation, I wholehearted welcome each of you to the Sigma Chi Historical Initiative Website.

Dr. Bill Fleming
21st Grand Historian


Created by Harry St. John Dixon for the museum at Sigma Chi International Headquarters.

On Sep. 17, 1864, a few miles southwest of Atlanta, a group of Sigma Chis led by Harry St. John Dixon, VIRGINIA 1861, met "to preserve the lofty principles typified by the White Cross."

Please plan to be with the Fraternity as we commemorate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Constantine Chapter on Sept. 20, 2014, at the Constantine Chapter Memorial outside of Atlanta.

For more information and a daily transcript of Dixon's diary, follow Harry St. John Dixon on Facebook, or email Brother Alan Simmons by clicking here..

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