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Executive Directors of the Fraternity

The title of this position was originally "Executive Secretary" and had its origins in the phrase "Executive Secretary to the Executive Committee." The position has evolved since 1913, however, and the Executive now oversees day-to-day operations for the Fraternity staff at the J. Dwight Peterson International Headquarters in addition to implementing the decisions of the Executive Committee, Grand Council, and Grand Chapter. To reflect this evolution, the title of the position changed to Executive Director in 2008. For a short time in the late 1940s and early 1950s, there was also an Executive Director IN ADDITION TO the Executive Secretary. The two men who held that position was Sam Bullock, Oregon 1918 (also 35th Grand Consul) and Merrill E. “Boz” Prichard, Illinois 1948. The Executive Committee merged the two positions when William Bringham took the office in 1954.

  1. Fritz Grabner, Beloit 1911, 1913 to Summer 1916
  2. Byron Stokes, Albion 1913, November 1916 to February 1920
  3. W.C. Teague, Vanderbilt 1912, A few months in 1920
  4. Chester W. “Chet” Cleveland, Illinois 1919 1920 to September-October 1924
  5. Alexander Sharp, Pennsylvania 1886, November-December 1924 to September-October 1925
  6. Carl Seiler, Roanoke 1924, January 1928 to March-April 1928
  7. Roy Hecox, Jr., Colorado 1924, March-April 1928 to May-June 1930
  8. George D. Luther, Penn State 1907, May-June 1930 to Mid 1932 (Died in Office)
  9. Charles Eldridge, Purdue 1885, 7-21-1932 (Collette History) to @ June 1938 (Died in Office)
  10. J. Russell Easton, Iowa State 1922, @ June 1938 to January 15, 1952
  11. Warren C. Ramshaw, Illinois 1949, January 15, 1952 to March 31, 1954
  12. William Bringham, Illinois Wesleyan 1946, April 1, 1954 to 12/31/1989
  13. Albert J. Unser, Mississippi State 1966, 1/1/1990 to October 31, 1990
  14. Mark Anderson, Illinois 1977, 11/27/1990 to February 29, 2008
  15. Mike Dunn, Utah State 1976, March 1, 2008 to January 24, 2014 (Died in Office)
  16. Mike J. Church, Illinois 2005, January 2014 (Current Holder of the Office)


@=Approximately. The Initiative compiled this list from Fraternity records, Robert Collett's Centennial History of Sigma Chi, and the directory listings in The Magazine of Sigma Chi. In some cases, exact dates were unavailable, so the date listed reflects the issue of <em>The Magazine</em> when the listing first appeared.