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Daniel William Cooper

Sept. 2, 1830 to Dec. 11, 1920

Written by Frank Crozier, Chi 1892, Theta Theta 1894
The Sigma Chi Quarterly, Vol. XV, February, 1896, No. 2
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Daniel William Cooper
Painted from Life by
Arvid Nyholm, 1927

It is with great pleasure that we are able to present an illustration of one of the esteemed founders of our order. Daniel William Cooper is one of those men who believe in liberty of thought and of action, untrammeled by the dictates of any person or organization. He is one of that little band which, with the courage of its convictions, withstood the demands of a tyranical majority.

Mr. Cooper was born in Knox County, Ohio, in September, 1830. His parents were from New Jersey, and were among those who early settled in that Ohio county. He took advantage of the educational facilities of the, time, attended the district schools, and later was graduated from the Fredericktown, Knox County, High School. After teaching in the district school for several terms, Cooper attended a preparatory school at Hayesville, Ohio, after which he went to Miami, where he was graduated as a member of the class of 1857. It was there that he avowed his independence of the dictates of an unreasonable majority.

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Cooper was a steady, thoughtful fellow, perfectly reliable, upright and kind. He was one of the older among the seven, and because of his steady ways, his sturdy character and older age, his counsel was generally followed. Old Dan, he was called. In the beginning when a constitution was adopted, the office of pater primus was created to rule at the chapter meetings. Brother Cooper was selected to discharge the duties of the position, and he occupied the office during most of the period while he was in attendance at Miami.

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After his graduation brotber Cooper entered the Presbyterian Theological Seminary at Allegheny City, as a member of the class of 1859. In October, after taking his degree from the Seminary, he married Miss Jane Skinner, of Pittsburg. For seven years he had charge of the Olivesburg church in Ohio, and from there went to Ottawa, Putnam County, where he remained until 1872. After five years he removed to West Point, in Tippecano County, Indiana; remaining there until 1877. From that time until 1882, he made his home at Ottawa, Ohio, and preached at Convoy and North Baltimore. He then removed to McComb, where he has ever since lived, being the active pastor of the McComb Presbyterian church until 1891.

In 1872 he was a delegate to the General Assembly held at Detroit, and again to the one which convened in Cincinnati in 1885. At present brother Cooper is at Spring Hills, Alabama, where he has gone for the sake of the health of himself and an invalid son.