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Franklin Howard Scobey

May 27, 1837 to July 22, 1888

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Thomas Cowan Bell
Painted from Life by
Arvin Nyholm, 1927

Franklin Howard Scobey was born in Hamilton, Ohio, and was 18 at the time of the founding of Sigma Chi. Despite his agreeable nature, Scobey joined Ben Runkle in leading the rebellion within DKE, demonstrating his belief that principle outweighs blind loyalty. Scobey was not only the main proponent of what is called The Spirit of Sigma Chi, but he was the embodiment of that philosophy.

Even in the Fraternity's gloomier moments, Scobey could be relied on for cheering up the group with his eternal optimism and his conscientious attention to the qualities of true friendship. His generosity in providing for the needs of his friends was the very definition of courtesy, and he was unfailingly loyal. Scobey was said to have been popular even with the enemies of the founders.

Scobey studied law in Hamilton, Ohio, after his 1858 graduation from Miami, and was admitted to the bar in 1860. Never physically strong, he suffered from increasing deafness. During and after the civil war he engaged in newspaper editorial work in Hamilton, and almost lost touch with the Fraternity.

He entered the Chapter Eternal in 1888 and was buried in Greenwood Cemetery in his hometown. His humble qualities of congeniality and courtesy were recognized by the Fraternity with the dedication of a Founders' Memorial Monument at this grave site, as part of the Diamond Anniversary Commemoration in 1930.