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The Last Full Measure of Devotion

Sigma Chi’s Gold Star Honor Roll

Brother Sigmas, we belong to a society worthy of our highest regard and warmest affection. We are united in the strong and enduring bonds of friendship and esteem. Let us each and all so do our duty and conduct ourselves that we bring no dishonor upon our society or each other. And we may have the high and proud satisfaction of knowing that our beautiful White Cross, at once the badge of our society and the emblem of purity, will never be worn over any breast which does not beat with pure, generous, and noble emotions, and by no man who is not a man of honor.
Isaac M. Jordan
The Cincinnati Grand Chapter, August, 1884

During World War II, Chester W. Cleveland, Illinois 1920, the editor of The Magazine of Sigma Chi, made it his mission to report on all Sigma Chis who gave their lives during the conflict. The detailed coverage he provided gives the impression that he considered his reporting a sacred duty and his contribution to the war effort. With the 2005 establishment of The Sigma Chi Historical Initiative, we proudly assumed that duty.

There is no doubt that the sacrifice of those who fight to defend their homelands, the dedication that President Lincoln called “the last full measure of devotion,” is the personification of Founder Jordan’s assertion that the White Cross of Sigma Chi will never be worn by any but a man of honor. The brothers listed here, however, did not fight and die simply to preserve their honor: they believed their sacrifice represented something greater; that those for whom they fought were worthy of the sacrifice. The belief that the worthy deserve protection, to the exclusion of all else, lies at the genesis of our great brotherhood and is enshrined as one of our most sacred tenets.

The Initiative compiled this list from the pages of The Magazine of Sigma Chi, the fraternity archives, and reports from the undergraduate chapters. This list is not complete and we welcome any further information you may have.