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This page contains links to internet pages with historical content devoted to members of Sigma Chi. Additional sites may be listed by sending them to the Director of the Historical Initiative at

  • Steve Hannigan (
    This blog tells the story of a peer without peers among press agents in the first half of the twentieth century. Steve Hannagan, Purdue 1922, was a highly-successful pioneer of public relations who built ground-breaking publicity campaigns for the Indianapolis 500, Miami Beach, Sun Valley, Las Vegas, the 1940 Presidential Campaign, and Coca Cola. He developed, tested, and refined many of the press and publicity principles commonly used today. ( more.)

  • George H. Honig (
    This web site is dedicated to preserving the artistic work and educating others about the fascinating life of a Rockport, Indiana native--George H. Honig. The extent of George Honig's artistic work includes stone, metal, plaster, oil, charcoal, pencil, and watercolors. It is impossible to list all his works as many were small plaques for the names of animals or trees. Also, time has taken its toll, as many have been removed, sold or placed in storage. This site attempts to list as many of his major works as possible. ( more.)