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Sigma Chi Songs

Below is an ongoing list of Sigma Chi songs. More songs' words are included, and information for each will be added periodically. The songs are arranged alphabetically into six categories. As you can see, there are several songs focusing on the sweetheart, but there are also marches, banquet songs, and fellowship songs, as well as a Christmas song and one instrumental, "The Sigma Chi Waltz," which is one of the oldest Sigma Chi songs in existence.

One recent songbook--entitled Five Score and Five, edited by Jack E. Pearson and published in 1961 by the Sigma Chi Fraternity--contains many of these songs and a few other specific chapter songs; however, this book is now out of print. There have been several Sigma Chi songbooks, the first being proposed in 1865.

Thanks to the Detroit Alumni Chapter for including the words to several of the songs listed below.

This section compiled by Dr. William P. Fleming, Sam Houston 1965 21st Grand Historian of Sigma Chi

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"The Daughter of the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi"
Herman Pinkus NYU 1929 [Sheet music cover]

"Dream Girl of Sigma Chi"
Gene Quaw Arizona 1923 [Sheet music cover and words]

"I'd Love to Have a Sweetheart"
N. B. Langworthy Beloit 1924 [words]

"Little Girl"
L. Brooks Hays Arkansas 1919 and George Washington 1922 and Harold H. Beebe, Jr. [words]

"The Mother of Sigma Chi"
N. B. Langworthy Alpha Zeta 1924 [Sheet music words and cover, with a photo of actress May Robson, called "Honorary Mother of Sigma Chi"; this sheet is signed by the composer]

"My Sweetheart"
Orville S. Brumback Wooster and Michigan 1876 [words]

"Our Brown-Eyed Sweetheart (Sigma Chi)"
Gladys Rich [Sheet music cover and words]

"The Rose of Sigma Chi"
Gene Quaw Beta Omega [Sheet music cover and words]

F. Beverly Kelley Ohio Wesleyan 1928 and James W. Smith Ohio Wesleyan 1928 [words]

"The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi"
Byron D. Stokes Albion 1913 and F. Dudleigh Vernor Albion 1914[Words]

"Sweet May Thy Slumbers Be"
Arthur Y. Bradley George Washington 1893 [words]

"White Rose of Sigma"
Ruth Holmes Hansen [Sheet music cover and words]



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"The Cross Song"
Clyde P. Johnson Cincinnati and Cornell 1893 [words]

"The Fellowship Song"
Byron D. Stokes Albion 1913 and F. Dudleigh Vernor Albion 1914 [words]

"He's the Guy from Sigma Chi"
William A. Dillon, S. Hibbard Ayer, and Henry Tobias [Sheet music cover and words]

"I'm Blue for the Blue and Gold"
Leland L. Yost West Virginia 1923 and Colorado 1925 [words]

"I'm Glad I'm a Sigma Chi"
Byron D. Stokes Alpha Pi 1913 and F. Dudleigh Vernor Alpha Pi 1914 [Sheet music cover and words; a song written by "Sweetheart" composers Stokes and Vernor honoring the Sigma Chi's fighting men in World War I. This is the original manuscript.]

"Most Any Man" (writer unknown) [words]

"My Name is Sigma Chi"
Charles H. Eldridge Purdue 1885, sung to the tune of "Solomon Levi" [words]

"A Sig I Am"
Richard C. Hughes Beta 1882, Walter H. Reynolds Beta 1886, and McClure S. Todd Beta 1887 [Words and pictures of the writers.]

"Sigma Chi Was My First Love"
Gene C. Quaw Arizona 1923 [words]

"Then Here's to Our Fraternity"
the Beta Chapter [words]

"The White Cross of Sigma Chi" (The Centennial Song)
C. A. (Bert) Fiske Alpha Pi 1890 and F. Dudleigh Vernor Alpha Pi 1914 [Sheet music cover]



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"Alpha Alpha Serenade"(traditional chapter song) [words]

"Delta Lambda Chapter Song"
James Gribben III Dickinson 1949, Walter A. Hopkins Davidson 1949, Harry G. Brown Dickinson 1950, words; and Buford Y. Goodwan, Jr. Dickinson 1949, music [words]

"Praise to Omega"
Author Unknown [words]

"Queen of Alpha Taus"
Harold H. Beebe, Jr. Georgia Tech 1947 [words]

"Zeta Zeta Sweetheart"
Dale H. Ratliff Centre 1949



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"Banquet Song"
Walter L. Fisher Hanover 1883 [words]

"Come, Brothers, Sing"
William L. Steele Illinois 1896 [words]

"Glorious Sigma Chi"
Charles H. Eldridge Delta Delta 1885 and Lee Orean Smith Delta Chi 1892 [Sheet music cover, and a nice drawing]

"A Howling Sigma Chi"
Samuel R. Ireland Michigan 1889 [Words and picture of Ireland.]

"Raise a Song Forever"
Dwight J. Merriam Nebraska 1925 [words]

"A Sig Toasting Song"
Richard W. Acton Tau Tau 1950 [words]

"Sing a Song to Sigma Chi"
Ellis O. Jones Ohio State 1897

"Three Crows"
Charles E. Salmon A 1899 [words]



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"The Sigma Chi Waltz"
Karl Merz Beta 1882 [Sheet music cover, and Sigma Chi's will like this drawing!]

"Sigma Chi Christmas"
Milton C. Anderson Cincinnati 1950 [words]



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"Marching Song of Sigma Chi"
Cecil S. Effinger Colorado College 1935 [words]

"The March of Constantine"
Phil E. Poppler Beta Zeta 1939 [Sheet music; the original manuscript by the composer.]

"March of the Sigs"
Wilfred C. Miessner Kansas 1937 [words]

"The Sigs' Marching Song"
James R. Harvey Upsilon Upsilon 1941 [words]