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John S. McMillin Memorial Mausoleum

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N48° 37.2617',
W123° 8.9839'

Afterglow Dr
Friday Harbor
San Juan, WA 98250

In honor of John Stafford McMillin, Sigma Chi's first Grand Consul, stands an impressive mausoleum in the Roche Harbor Cemetery in Roche Harbor, Wash.

Born October 18, 1855, on a farm near Sugar Grove, Ind., McMillin and his brother, William, entered DePauw University, then known as Indiana Asbury, where both joined Sigma Chi.

While still in college, McMillin began advocating a centralized form of government of Sigma Chi, with Grand Offcers, Grand Council and Executive Committee, to replace the parent chapter form of government. In 1882, this transformation was made by the 14th Grand Chapter and McMillin became the Fraternity's first Grand Consul.

McMillin Mausoleum

Elected at age 27, he was the youngest man to serve as Grand Consul. During McMillin's term of office, the White Cross had entered the universities of Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas, these three being the only Sigma Chi chapters west of the Mississippi River. He aided in the extension which installed three chapters in California, all by 1891. He had much to do with founding the chapters at Washington, Washington State and Whitman.

An outstanding lawyer and a successful businessman, McMillin was president and general manager of the Roche Harbor Lime Company. He entered the Chapter Eternal November 3, 1936.

The John S. McMillin Memorial Monument is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, U.S. Department of the Interior.

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