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  • Michael A. Codina
    Calif. San Diego 1993
    Chairman, History Commission
    22nd Grand Historian
  • Douglas R. Carlson
    Minnesota 1973
    62nd Grand Consul
    19th Grand Historian
  • Dr. William P. Fleming
    Sam Houston 1964
    21st Grand Historian
  • Eric B. Hansen
    Cincinnati 1989
    20th Grand Historian
  • Robert H.W. Jones
    Rensselaer 1973
    65th Grand Consul


  • Michael J. Church
    Illinois 2005
    Executive Director
    Sigma Chi Fraternity
  • Noah Phelps
    Omega NSI 2008
    Director, Information Management
    Sigma Chi Foundation
  • George L. Hooper
    Kansas State 1960
  • K. Stephen Bailey
    West Virgina 1972
    Warden—Clark Gravesite
  • Sean M. Boston
    Drake 1992
    Warden—Nate Memorial
  • Dustin J. Buecker
    Miami(Ohio) 1992
    Warden—Founding Site
  • Donald P. Copeland, Jr.
    Stephen F. Austin 1989
    Warden—Bell Memorial
  • Arthur L. Dieckmann
    Cincinnati 1971
    Warden—Jordan Memorial
  • TBD
    Warden—Runkle Memorial
  • Kenneth C. Kvalheim
    South Alabama 1982
    Warden—Caldwell Memorial
  • Samuel P. Mann
    Fresno State 1993
    Warden—Dixon Memorial
  • Lawrence W. Mentz
    Rensselaer 1968
    Warden—Lockwood Memorial
  • Robert S. Petry
    Georgia Southern 1981
    Warden—Constantine Memorial
  • Robert F. Raney
    Cincinnati 1974
    Warden—Scobey Memorial
  • David L. Shields
    Penn State 1967
    Warden—Cooper Memorial
  • John F. Thompson
    Montana 1967
    Warden—McMillin Memorial
  • James Ashley Woods
    East Tennessee State 2000
    Warden—J Dwight Peterson International Headquarters.
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