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Sigma Chi Timeline 1906-1930


Year Sigma Chi World*
  • The 29th Grand Chapter, held June 29-30 in Chicago, created a five-member Executive Committee.
  • Sigma Chi helped launch the National Interfraternity Conference on November 27 in New York City.
  • British explorer Ernest Shackleton finds magnetic south pole. Later that year, Americans Robert Peary & Matthew Henson reach the North Pole.
  • 1st subway car with side doors goes into service (NYC).
  • 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution approves income tax. It will be ratified and become law in 1913.
  • The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi was written in June for the 25th Anniversary Reunion of Alpha Pi chapter at Albion College, Michigan. Byron D. Stokes, 1913, wrote the words one afternoon in class. He then gave them to F. Dudleigh Vernor, 1914, who set them to music the same day.
  • Great fire destroys downtown Constantinople/Istanbul Turkey.
  • R.M.S. Titanic launched. It will sink on its maiden voyage on April 15, 1912.
  • Frederick C. “Fritz” Grabner, Beloit 1911, became the Fraternity’s first full-time Executive Secretary.
  • British House of Commons accepts Home-Rule for Ireland.
  • The skyscraper Woolworth Building in New York City is opened.
  • British House of Commons rejects woman's right to vote
  • The first General Headquarters office devoted exclusively to the business of the Fraternity was established in Chicago
  • Henry Ford introduces assembly line, for Model-T Fords.
  • Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria and his wife Sophie are assassinated in Sarajevo. This event is the first in a series leading to the onset of World War I in July when The Austro-Hungarian Empire declares war on Serbia. The war would last until November 1918, eventually drawing the United States into the war in 1917.
  • During the 1920s—the exact year is unknown—Mrs. Alice Tuttle, housemother at the Gamma Delta Chapter, Oklahoma State, wrote The Sigma Chi Gracei>, the Fraternity’s prayer.
  • 1st Black baseball league, National Negro Baseball League, organizes.
  • 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote is signed into law. The 18th Amendment, prohibition, goes into effect; repealed in 1933.
  • 1st assembly of League of Nations (Paris).
  • After 67 years as a national organization, Sigma Chi became international when it installed the Beta Omega Chapter at the University of Toronto on April 22.
  • The event which came to be known as “Sigma Chi Derby Day” in many chapters is believed to have originated this year. Alpha Beta Chapter, California-Berkeley, created the “Channing Way Derby,” which came to life on many other campuses as “Derby Day.
  • Irish Free State forms; Michael Collins becomes 1st premier.
  • WGY-AM in Schenectady NY begins radio transmissions.
  • Supreme Court unanimously upheld 19th amend woman's right to vote.
  • The 37th Grand Chapter held in Estes Park, Colo. originated the Life Membership program.
  • Dr. Joseph Cookman Nate, Illinois Wesleyan 1890 unveiled the first volume of his monumental History of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.
  • Benito Mussolini dissolves Italian parliament/becomes dictator of Italy.
  • Paul von Hindenburg elected president of Germany.
  • Louis Armstrong records 1st of Hot Five & Hot Seven recordings.
  • L. G. Balfour, Indiana 1907, established the Balfour Award, the highest undergraduate honor in the Fraternity. The annual award recognizes the most outstanding graduating senior of each undergraduate chapter, province and international fraternity of that college year.
  • Past Grand Consul George Ade, Purdue 1887, wrote The Sigma Chi Creed.
  • The Fraternity adopted a uniform system of pledge training, which included the first edition of The Norman Shield.
  • The comic strip adventures of both Buck Rogers and Tarzan appear marking the first Sci-Fi and adventure comics strips.
  • "Black Tuesday," on October 29 sees the U.S. Stock Market crash marking the onset of the Great Depression. Within a year, the economic downturn will become a worldwide phenomenon.
  • Sigma Chi celebrates its Diamond Jubilee as it marks the 75th anniverary of the Fraternity's founding in 1855..
  • The Fraternity adopted a uniform system of pledge training, which included the first edition of The Norman Shield.
  • U.S. astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovers Pluto.
  • The 1,046-foot (319-meter) Chrysler Building in New York City, the tallest man-made structure at the time, opens to the public. Its reign would last only one year until the Empire State Building opened in 1931.
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