Welcome to the Sigma Chi Historical Initiative

Michael A. Codina, MD, 22nd Grand Historian of Sigma ChiBrothers and Friends of Sigma Chi,

The history of our great Fraternity is a subject that most of us hold dearly, and we often find ourselves searching out for new information from many different sources. From the monumental, History of Sigma Chi written by Joseph C. Nate, Illinois Wesleyan 1892, to the Facebook History page, to a search of the Archives at Headquarters, to a perusal of one of the many volumes of the Sigma Chi Quarterly and The Magazine of Sigma Chi, our history can be learned and appreciated. I hope this website will serve as another resource for all those looking to expand their knowledge. This site will also serve as supplement to the newest edition of The Norman Shield, and will give our brothers more information than any group of pledges have ever had at their disposal. The information available on the site is presented in a true multimedia fashion, with audio and video clips, photographs, original documents, and other writings used to present a well-rounded vision of our Founders, Founding, and other aspects that have made Sigma Chi a Fraternity second to none.

In hoc,
Michael A. Codina, MD
California-San Diego 1993
22nd Grand Historian.

You are invited to send questions about our history to Brother Codina and other members of the Sigma Chi History Commission including 21st Grand Historian, William P. Fleming, Sam Houston 1965, and 20th Grand Historian, Eric Hansen, Cincinnati 1989. Simply visit the Contact Form and select "Ask the HistoryTeam" from the Category box.