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The first chapter established by Sigma Chi in 1855 was Alpha at Miami University in Southern Ohio. The next chapter Gamma, also in Southern Ohio and initiated in 1855, marked forward growth for the Fraternity. From 1855 to the start of the Civil War in 1861, the Fraternity installed a total of 12 chapters.

Soon after the war began, Sigma Chi’s active membership plummeted. All of the chapters in the south disbanded and most of the active members in the north enlisted into the war. There was not much growth of the fraternity within the four years that the Civil War went on. Only four chapters were chartered. The Fraternity was in its sixth active year and though it dwindled drastically at that point in time, it managed to stay alive.

Leading into the 20th Century, Sigma Chi expounded its efforts and increased in average of about one new chapter a year. Before World War I started, Sigma Chi did a lot of expanding. From the late 19th Century to the early 20th Century, the fraternity branched out to Georgia, California, New York, Oregon, Washington, Texas, and many more places all over the United States. But between 1939 and 1945, with the onset of World War II, there were only five chapters installed.

A drop in the numbers of chapter installations occurred again in the late 1990s because of the First Gulf War and continued into the 2000s with the start of the US-Iraq War. The chapter installment rate dropped every time there was war, signifying that each war waged has had a detrimental effect on the membership of the Sigma Chi fraternity.

Within the first 100 years Sigma Chi had a total of 124 active undergraduate chapters and has grown since then by 111, which makes the total, to date, 235 active undergraduate chapters. Many times the fraternity has seen a decline in the rate of installed chapters, but overall there has been an upward climb to a successful fraternity.

Individuals, buildings, machines, roads, etc., wear out with the relentless march of the years. Worthwhile institutions grow stronger as the years roll on. The tremendous motivating force of Sigma Chi is its everlasting appeal to youth. Each year sees an infusion of new blood into its ranks.
Robert M. Collett
The Centennial History of Sigma Chi

Chapters list as of August, 2011

Chapter University Founded Date
AlphaMiami University185518581892
GammaOhio Wesleyan University185518841888
Epsilon (original)Western Military Institute18561858
EtaUniversity of Mississippi185719121926
LambdaIndiana University1858
Nu (original)Washington College18591863
OmicronDickinson College1859
XiDePauw University1859
Pi (original)Erskine College18601861
PsiUniversity of Virginia186018611866
Sigma (original)Lagrange Synodical18601861
ThetaGettysburg College186320052009
KappaBucknell University1864
EpsilonGeorge Washington University186420002007
RhoButler University1865
UpsilonPolytechnic College of Pennsylvania18651876
ZetaWashington & Lee University1866
PhiLafayette College18671997
MuDenison University18682000 2004
OmegaNorthwestern University186920002005
SigmaPrinceton University186918822010
SigmaPrinceton University18691882 2010
ChiHanover College187119171936
PiSamford University187218851994
DeltaUniversity of Georgia18721990 1996
NuCumberland University187218802014
Sigma SigmaHampden-Sydney College18721977 1983
TauRoanoke College18721902 1923
Beta BetaMississippi College18731874
Epsilon EpsilonMonmouth College18741878
Gamma GammaRandolph-Macon18741901
Theta ThetaUniversity of Michigan18742003
Delta DeltaPurdue University1875
Phi PhiUniversity of Pennsylvania187518781884
Iota IotaUniversity of Alabama187618771914
Zeta ZetaCentre College1876
Chi ChiBirmingham-Southern College187918821993
Delta ChiWabash College188018941909
Kappa KappaUniversity of Illinois188118941892
Alpha GammaOhio State University1882
Alpha OmicronTulane University188218831886
Alpha ThetaMassachusetts Institute of Technology1882
Alpha ZetaBeloit College1882
Zeta PsiUniversity of Cincinnati1882
Alpha EtaUniversity of Iowa18821991 2000
Alpha DeltaStevens Institute of Technology18831891
Alpha EpsilonUniversity of Nebraska1883
Alpha IotaIllinois Wesleyan University1883
Alpha KappaHillsdale College188318861980
Alpha LambdaUniversity of Wisconsin1884
Alpha MuVirginia Military Institute18841885
Alpha XiUniversity of Kansas1884
Alpha NuUniversity of Texas-Austin18842004 2009
Alpha BetaUniversity of California-Berkeley188619681972
Alpha PiAlbion College188619771980
Alpha RhoLehigh University18871989 1993
Alpha SigmaUniversity of Minnesota1888
Alpha TauUniversity of North Carolina188919001913
Alpha UpsilonUniversity of Southern California188919942000
Alpha PhiCornell University1890
Alpha ChiPennsylvania State University1891
Alpha PsiVanderbilt University189119911996
Alpha OmegaStanford University18911967 1974
Alpha AlphaHobart College18922006
Eta EtaDartmouth18931960
Lambda LambdaUniversity of Kentucky1893
Nu NuColumbia University189419641984
Mu MuWest Virginia University1895
Xi XiUniversity of Missouri-Columbia189620022007
Omicron OmicronUniversity of Chicago189719522011
Rho RhoUniversity of Maine1902
Tau TauWashington University1903
Upsilon UpsilonUniversity of Washington1903
Psi PsiSyracuse University19041998
Beta GammaColorado College1905
Omega OmegaUniversity of Arkansas1905
Beta DeltaUniversity of Montana1906
Beta EpsilonUniversity of Utah1908
Beta EtaCase Western Reserve University190919721973
Beta ThetaUniversity of Pittsburgh1909
Beta ZetaUniversity of North Dakota1909
Beta IotaUniversity of Oregon191019962000
Beta KappaUniversity of Oklahoma191220042007
Beta LambdaDuke University1912
Beta NuBrown University191419651973
Beta MuUniversity of Colorado-Boulder19141999
Beta OmicronIowa State University1916
Beta PiOregon State University1916
Beta XiUniversity of New Mexico191620022008
Beta RhoMontana State University1917
Beta SigmaUniversity of Tennessee-Knoxville1917
Beta TauColorado State University1919
Beta UpsilonWashington State University1919
Beta ChiEmory University1921
Beta PhiUniversity of Arizona19212003 2009
Beta OmegaUniversity of Toronto-Ryerson1922
Beta PsiGeorgia Institute of Technology1922
Gamma DeltaOklahoma State University1922
Gamma EpsilonWhitman College192319671970
Gamma ZetaUnion College1923
Gamma EtaUniversity of Idaho1924
Gamma ThetaUniversity of Florida1924
Gamma IotaLouisiana State University1925
Gamma KappaUtah State University1926
Gamma LambdaMcGill University1927
Gamma MuWesleyan19281959
Gamma NuUniversity of South Carolina1929
Gamma OmicronColgate University1930
Gamma XiUniversity of Wyoming1930
Gamma PiUniversity of Rochester1932
Gamma RhoDalhousie University-St. Marys University1933
Gamma SigmaAuburn University1934
Gamma TauNorth Dakota State University1934
Gamma UpsilonMississippi State University1938
Gamma PhiUniversity of Miami1942
Gamma PsiMichigan State University1942
Gamma ChiUniversity of Maryland194220022009
Delta EpsilonNorth Carolina State University1943
Gamma OmegaUniversity of Connecticut194319511971
Delta EtaUniversity of California-Los Angeles1947
Delta IotaUniversity of Denver1947
Delta KappaBowling Green State University19472004
Delta ThetaUniversity of Tennessee-Chattanooga1947
Delta ZetaWillamette University1947
Delta LambdaDavidson College19481969
Delta MuSouthern Methodist University1948
Delta NuWake Forest University1948
Delta OmicronUniversity of British Columbia-Simon Fraser Univer1949
Delta PiOhio University19492003
Delta RhoBradley University1949
Delta SigmaUniversity of Rhode Island19491996
Delta TauWestminster College1949
Delta UpsilonKansas State University1949
Delta XiSan Diego State University1949
Delta PhiUniversity of Puget Sound1950
Delta PsiRensselaer Polytechnic Institute1950
Delta OmegaUniversity of Tulsa1951
Epsilon ZetaFlorida State University1951
Epsilon EtaCalifornia State University-Fresno1952
Epsilon ThetaSan Jose State University1952
Epsilon IotaSt. Lawrence University19531997
Epsilon KappaUniversity of Memphis1954
Epsilon LambdaRipon College1955
Epsilon MuTexas Christian University1955
Epsilon NuTexas Tech University1955
Epsilon XiUniversity of Houston1956
Epsilon OmicronThe University of Western Ontario1957
Epsilon PiUniversity of Northern Colorado1958
Epsilon RhoUniversity of Richmond1958
Epsilon SigmaFlorida Southern College1959
Epsilon TauMurray State University1959
Epsilon UpsilonArizona State University1960
Epsilon PhiSoutheast Missouri State University1960
Epsilon ChiLamar University19611983
Epsilon PsiSam Houston State University1961
Epsilon OmegaBall State University1962
Beta AlphaWestern Reserve19631970
Zeta EtaTexas A&M University-Commerce1963
Zeta ThetaKettering University1963
Zeta IotaPittsburg State University1964
Zeta KappaUniversity of California-Santa Barbara19652007
Zeta LambdaKent State University1965
Zeta MuWestern Kentucky University1965
Zeta NuWestern Michigan University1966
Zeta XiCalifornia State University-Northridge1966
Zeta OmicronNorthern Arizona University1967
Zeta PiTexas A&M University-Kingsville1967
Zeta RhoCentral Michigan University1967
Zeta SigmaEastern New Mexico University1967
Zeta TauFort Hays State University1967
Zeta PhiNew Mexico State University19681985
Zeta UpsilonThe College of William & Mary1968
Zeta ChiUniversity of Nevada at Las Vegas1969
Zeta OmegaEast Tennessee State University1969
Eta AlphaEastern Kentucky University1970
Eta DeltaTennessee Tech University1970
Eta EpsilonUniversity of South Alabama1970
Eta GammaMiddle Tennessee State University1970
Eta ThetaGeorgia Southwestern State University1970
Eta ZetaGeorgia Southern University1970
Eta BetaCalifornia State University-Long Beach197019982013
Eta IotaEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona Beach1971
Eta LambdaVirginia Polytechnic Institute & State University1971
Eta MuEastern Illinois University1971
Eta KappaMissouri State197120072014
Eta NuNorthern Illinois University19722000
Eta OmicronIndiana University of Pennsylvania1973
Eta XiAustin Peay State University1973
Eta PiUniversity of Central Florida1974
Eta RhoUniversity of North Alabama1974
Eta SigmaUniversity of California-Irvine197519952003
Eta TauStephen F. Austin State University1975
Eta UpsilonTexas A&M University-College Station1976
Eta ChiYoungstown State University1977
Eta PhiTroy University1977
Eta PsiClemson University1977
Eta OmegaBaylor University1978
Theta AlphaClarion University of Pennsylvania19782003
Theta BetaUniversity of South Florida1979
Theta GammaDrake University1980
Theta DeltaUniversity of Southern Mississippi1981
Theta EpsilonNorth Georgia College1982
Theta EtaMissouri University of Science & Technology1983
Theta ZetaBridgewater State College1983
Theta IotaSaint Louis University1984
Theta KappaUniversity of Texas at Arlington1984
Theta LambdaUniversity of San Diego19842004
Theta MuSpring Hill College198420062009
Theta NuAlma College1984
Theta OmicronUniversity of California-Davis1985
Theta PiIndiana State University1985
Theta RhoIllinois State University1985
Theta SigmaCalifornia State Polytechnic University-Pomona1985
Theta XiCalifornia State University-Sacramento1985
Theta PhiCalifornia State Poly.University-San Luis Obispo19862002
Theta TauTexas State University - San Marcos198619992009
Theta UpsilonYale University1986
Iota AlphaCalifornia State University-San Bernardino1987
Iota BetaJames Madison University1987
Theta ChiArkansas State University1987
Theta OmegaElon University1987
Theta PsiUniversity of Waterloo1987
Iota DeltaState University of New York-Albany19882004
Iota EpsilonCollege of Charleston1988
Iota EtaWestern Connecticut State University1988
Iota GammaJacksonville University1988
Iota KappaFairleigh Dickinson University1988
Iota ThetaUniversity of Dayton1988
Iota ZetaClarkson University1988
Iota LambdaUniversity of Louisville1989
Iota MuWilfrid Laurier University1989
Iota NuFurman University1989
Iota OmicronWestern Illinois University1989
Iota PiMarquette University1989
Iota XiGeorge Mason University1989
Iota ChiUniversity of California-San Diego1990
Iota PhiUniversity of North Texas1990
Iota RhoBishops University1990
Iota SigmaValparaiso University1990
Iota TauUniversity of St. Thomas1990
Iota UpsilonBoston University1990
Iota OmegaLoyola Marymount University1991
Iota PsiRutgers University1991
Kappa BetaUniversity of North Florida1991
Kappa GammaWestern Carolina University1991
Kappa EpsilonUniversity of Delaware1992
Kappa EtaHarvard University1992
Kappa ThetaCalifornia State University-Chico1992
Kappa ZetaRadford University1992
Kappa IotaSouthern Utah University1993
Kappa LambdaThe College of Idaho1994
Kappa MuUniversity of Windsor1994
Kappa NuState University of New York-Oswego19942004
Kappa XiTarleton State University1996
Kappa OmicronPepperdine University1998
Kappa PiTowson University2000
Kappa RhoAmerican University2000
Kappa SigmaUniversity of the Pacific2003
Kappa TauMinnesota State University- Mankato2004
Kappa ChiVillanova University2005
Kappa PhiEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott2005
Kappa UpsilonThe Johns Hopkins University2005
Kappa OmegaUniversity of Tampa2007
Kappa PsiUniversity of Tennessee-Martin2007
Lambda AlphaKnox College2007
Lambda BetaUniversity of West Florida2008
Lambda GammaSanta Clara University2008
Lambda DeltaUniversity of California-Merced2009
Lambda EpsilonUniversity of New Haven2009
Lambda EtaBryant University2010
Lambda ThetaUniversity of Ottawa2010
Lambda ZetaFlorida Gulf Coast University2010
Delta SigmaUniversity of Rhode Island2011
Lambda IotaFlorida International University2011
Lambda MuValdosta State University2011
Lambda NuLoyola University-Chicago2012
Lambda OmicronUniversity of Southern Illinois-Carbondale2012
Lambda PiCarnegie Mellon University2012
Lambda RhoSaint Francis University2012
Lambda XiBoise State University2012
Lambda PhiUniversity of West Georgia2013
Lambda SigmaUniversity of New Hampshire2013
Lambda TauFlorida Atlantic University2013
Lambda UpsilonBentley University2013
Lambda ChiUniversity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee2014
Lambda PsiUniversity of Louisiana-Lafayette2014
Lambda OmegaDePaul University2015
Mu AlphaUNC-Charlotte2015
Mu BetaCal. State-San Marcos2015
Mu GammaBinghamton College2017