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Sigma Chi Founders

Thomas Cowan Bell
"the qualities of learning"

James Parks Caldwell
"true to principle"
    Bell Portrait

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  • County superintendent, public schools, Minnesota, 1872-77
  • Publisher, Journal (Worthington, Minn.), 1878-85
  • President, Philamath College, Philomath, Oregon, 1885-86
  • Principal, La Creole Academy, Dalls, Ore., 1887-92
  • President, Central Oregon State Normal School, 1892-96
  • Captain, major and lieutenant colonel, 74th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, U.S. Army, 1861-63
    Caldwell Portrait

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  • Teacher, Mississippi, 1858-59
  • Principal, Palmetto Academy, Panola County, Miss., 1860, 1865-66
  • Admitted to the bar, Mississippi, 1866
  • Attorney, Los Angeles and San Bernardino, Calif., 1867-75
  • Edited newspapers in Ohio
  • Practiced law in Gulfport and Biloxi, Miss., 1887-1912

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Daniel William Cooper
"ruler of the spirit"

Isaac M. Jordan
"energetic and faithful
to every task"
    Cooper Portrait

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  • Pastor, Presbyterian churches in Ohio and Indiana, 1859-91
  • Delegate, Presbyterian General Assembly, 1872 and 1885
    Jordan Portrait

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  • Admitted to bar, Columbus, Ohio, 1858
  • Attorney, 1858-90
  • Congressman, first district of Ohio, 1883-85

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William Lewis Lockwood
"honest and trustworthy through life"

Benjamin Piatt Runkle
"courageous in spirit
and idealism"
    Lockwood Portrait

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  • Admitted to the bar, 1860
  • Manufacturing, 1864
  • Company H, 48th Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry, U.S. Army
  • First lieutenant, 1861
  • A.A.G., Second Division, Tenth Army Corps, U.S. Army, 1864
    Runkle Portrait

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  • Professor of military science and tactics, Miami 1899-1901; University of Maine, 1902-03; Peekskill Military Academy, 1903-04
  • Captain, major, and lieutenant colonel, 13th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, U.S. Army
  • Colonel, 45th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, U.S. Army

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Franklin Howard Scobey
"courteous and loyal
in his friendship"

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Founders of Sigma Chi
    Scobey Portrait

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  • Editor, Telegraph, Hamilton, Ohio, 1867-79
  • Cattleman, Kansas, 1879-82
  • Farmer, Woods Station, Ohio, 1882-1888
  • Private, Fifth Ohio Cavalry, U.S. Army, 1861
    Cooper Badge

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