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James Parks Caldwell Memorial Monument

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N30° 23.9004',
W088° 54.6279

1166 Irish Hill Dr
Biloxi, MS 39530
(228) 435-6279

The James Parks Caldwell Memorial Monument was dedicated in 1930, in Biloxi Cemetery, Biloxi, Miss., and honors the Founder who is remembered for his fidelity to principle. This quality was most clearly exemplified by his refusal to win his own freedom by renouncing his allegiance to the Confederacy while being held prisoner by Union forces during the Civil War.

It was the room that Founders Runkle and Caldwell shared on the second floor of a building in Oxford's public square that served as the birthplace of Sigma Chi.

Founder Runkle once wrote this of Caldwell: I roomed with him and cared for him for more than a year. Our holidays were spent in the fields and along streams, one of us carrying a gun, or fishing rod, but Caldwell his copy of Poe or Shakespeare. Few of us escaped the pointed witticisms that flowed from his pen, nor ever lost the nicknames he gave us in his dramas.

Following a military career forever marked by the incident (noted above) for which he is most remembered, Caldwell enjoyed a career which included serving as principal of Palmetto Academy in Mississippi, and practicing journalism and law in Mississippi, California and Wyoming.

Founder James Parks Caldwell entered the Chapter Eternal April 5, 1912, at age 71.

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