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Daniel William Cooper Memorial Monument

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N40° 27.9418',
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4715 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
(412) 363-8639

The Daniel William Cooper Memorial Monument was dedicated in 1924, in Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburgh, and honors the Founder who, as the oldest of the Seven, is remembered for providing moral and spiritual foundations for the energetic group.

Founder Runkle once wrote this of Old Dan Cooper: The little band was, if possible, overstocked with physical courage, nervous energy, and overleaping ambition to place The White Cross high in the heavens. Cooper was quiet, calm, earnest, true, conscientious and faithful. He was as the shadow of St. Peter passing by. We all sought him in his modest quarters, and no one came away without better resolutions and stronger hopes.

Upon graduation, Cooper entered Western Theological Seminary and graduated in 1859. He was ordained a Presbyterian minister, and held pastorates at four churches in Ohio and Indiana, and also engaged in special missionary service.

A noble preacher of the cross, Cooper was the last surviving Founder. He leaves not only the legacy of his spiritual lessons, but also the only existing Sigma Phi badge of the original seven, which is now on display in the Fraternity's General Headquarters museum. Each Grand Consul now wears a replica of the famous badge.

Founder Daniel William Cooper entered the Chapter Eternal December 11, 1920, at age 90.

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