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William Lewis Lockwood Memorial

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N40° 39.4988',
W073° 59.6856'

Monument is located on Heath path between Cypress and Locust Avenues.

500 25th St
Brooklyn, NY 11232
(718) 768-7300

The William Lewis Lockwood Memorial Monument was dedicated in 1932, in Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, N.Y., and honors the Founder who is remembered as the businessman and organizational expert of the group.

History credits Lockwood's organizational skills and integrity as largely responsible for the young Fraternity's ability to survive at the time. His work with Founder Runkle in designing the first badge of Sigma Chi arose out of his skill as an artist and his appreciation of the fine arts.

Years later, Founder Runkle wrote this of Lockwood: Lockwood knew, instinctively, the value and power of money. He was treasurer, and managed the business of the first convention and the first banquet. I understand why we wanted him. He could bring to our ambitious band some things, mental and spiritual, that were sorely needed.

Lockwood's legal career was interrupted by the Civil War, during which he became a 1st lieutenant and later captain of his company of volunteers. Unable to practice law after the war due to a serious shoulder wound, he formed a company with some associates and entered the wool milling business in Rhode Island, where he, his wife and son, Frank, named for Frank Scobey, had moved in 1864.

Founder William Lewis Lockwood entered the Chapter Eternal August 17, 1867, at age 30, the first of the Seven Founders to pass into the Chapter Eternal.

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