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Benjamin Piatt Runkle Memorial Monument

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N38° 52.5871',
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214 McNair Rd
Arlington, VA 22211
(703) 607-8000

The Benjamin Piatt Runkle Memorial Monument was dedicated in 1923, in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Va., and honors the Founder who is remembered as the most colorful and outspoken of the Seven Founders.

A leader with Founder Scobey in the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity rebellion which led to the founding of Sigma Chi, it was Runkle who took the DKE badge off his chest in a dramatic demonstration of courage and tossed it down on a table in front of him.

Runkle, who, with Founder Lockwood, designed the badge of our Fraternity, later explained that its selection grew from an admiration of its meaning.

Runkle enjoyed what was the most distinguished military career of the seven Founders, rising quickly to the rank of major general. He also achieved success in the legal and journalistic professions, and later as an Episcopal priest.

In 1895, Runkle became the Fraternity's seventh Grand Consul and served for two years, bringing to bear his fine qualities of executive ability and leadership and a soldierly insistence that the governmental regulations and ideals of the Fraternity should be rigidly fulfilled.

Founder Benjamin Piatt Runkle entered the Chapter Eternal June 28, 1916—the Fraternity's 61st birthday—at age 79.

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