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The Women of Sigma Chi

Caniff IllustrationWhat do women have to do with the history of an all-male fraternity? Plenty!

Perhaps no other Greek organization has something so recognizable as The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. The song, made popular through dozens of recordings and two films in the first half of the 20th century, remains a symbol of the Fraternity today. Though co-creator of the song Byron Stokes, Albion 1913, maintained that the lyrics do not portray any one real woman, Sigma Chi has indeed enjoyed the support of many women over the years.

There have been official women’s auxiliary groups such as the International Sigmas and Little Sisters groups, as well as Mothers’ Clubs, who have assisted in philanthropic and social efforts. Chapter sweethearts across North America support local chapters while the International Sweetheart represents the Fraternity on a larger scale. Housemothers run local chapter houses, and female employees at the International Headquarters are an integral part of Fraternity operations.